Before you search our catalog of products here is... Sweetheart's Story

I am who I am....

My name is Alanna and I am twenty-eight years old. I am a single mother of a beautiful four year old girl. My daughter was born with a rare muscular condition known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. She was born with missing muscle groups in her legs, contracted knees, dislocated hips, heart murmur and bilateral club feet. I have stayed home with her since birth due to the care she requires.

I do what I do...

I began my soap making hobby as a girl. My mom would buy me soap making kits at Ames, Bradlees and Joanns. I found scrap booking and left my old hobby like dust in the wind. As I got older I was sick of paying so much for store brands that left my skin irritated. I have been looking to turn my hobby into a way to support me and my daughter. It is very hard to juggle a full time job and give her the care and attention she needs. By making handmade soaps from natural products I am helping not only my daughter get the care and support she needs but helping others improve their health. 

Whatever will be, Will be

Mary and I live in Massachusetts close to the cape. We enjoy taking day trips to the beach. Playing in the sand and frolicking in the water. I do not limit her. She is an active as any "typical" four year old child. 

My mission for the future is to provide my child with an amazing opportunity to become whatever her heart desires. While doing this I would love to create products inspired by the elements around me.